Robert Griffiths

As a founding partner of Re:Gen, I am fortunate to be surrounded by extraordinary partners with diverse characters, talents and experiences. We are a team, and that is something I have always found to be a passion. Not only being in a team, but figuring out how to make a team realise its highest potential, has always been important to me, whether in sport, my personal life, or in my professional career.

Born in South Africa of Welsh, French and English extraction, educated in Cape Town and the UK, with family spread around 5 continents, and living in Spain with my Spanish partner and our 3 children, I have been fortunate enough to experience diverse cultures, languages and very different ways of doing things.

One of the common themes in all this cultural mix, was team sports. In particular, rugby. Rugby is a truly team sport, and is steeped in very strong values such as fair-play, responsibility, respect, courage and integrity. All of which guide me in whatever I do.

Looking back on the last few decades, I think I could characterise my life as change.

I started out as an Art Scholar and student of Literature & Philosophy, became a corporate banker, working for Citibank for two episodes of 8-9 years, interrupted by a year-long team expedition driving from London to Cape Town in a Land Rover. I left banking and became an independent team coach for executive boards, trainer & facilitator in team dynamics, leadership and change management. I have been doing this now for 18 years, working mostly with large multinational organisations and companies, as well as SME’s. I am also a certified Facilitator and Team Coach for Airbus, and teach at various Business Schools and Universities in Spain, France, UK and Germany.

During this period, I have dedicated at least 10% of my time to being a student. This includes a Master in Transpersonal Psychology and NLP and becoming a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. My hobbies include publishing musical anthologies from the 1960’s onwards, and publishing family memoirs and genealogy. That, and watching the Springboks beat the All Blacks!

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