Chris Stratford

If I was to describe myself in 2 words it would be intercultural and change. Not only are these the management areas where I have specialized in, but they are also what I have lived in my life (mainly by design). Canadian and French, my dual nationality has always given me different perceptions of my environment, sparking my curiosity and inviting me to discover. 

I studied Agricultural Engineering at McGill University in Montreal and specializing my Bachelors in hydrology and my Masters in renewable energy. This enabled me to join the UN and work in Tanzania for a few years. I then completed an MBA in New York and was fortunate to come to Europe just before the Berlin wall came down. A life of management consulting ensued with fascinating intercultural and change challenges all around the world.  

My career has been built around the many projects that I’ve experienced, in all sectors and in more than 80 countries. My passion is to transmit ideas from one environment to another, seeking solutions to human challenges. I teach intercultural management in a number of business and HR universities in France. I am also a Certified Partner in CultureTalk, a corporate culture diagnostic tool used for cultural transformations (mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, privatization and other reform initiatives).  

My hobbies are using spices to create new flavours in exotic cuisine, swimming and writing short stories based on my different travels.  My home is in Toulouse, but the world is my oyster! 

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